Amy's village hall wedding - 1 month to go

Amy gets her ring, finally, but realises there was a mistake on the invitations...
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What a whirlwind week.

It's been full of ups and downs to say the least. Firstly as you can see I finally have my beautiful engagement ring made using my great grandmother's diamonds and reset by an amazing jeweller, so it really is one of a kind.

One other definite high point was my birthday - three of my bridesmaids (I have a whopping six) came over to my parents' house to have our practise wedding hair up session accompanied by wine and sushi.

After a few practise styles on my hair, one Bridget Bardot look that made me look exactly like my mother which was very scary and the another soft bun that was something straight out of Little House on the Prairie, she got the perfect one. Not too 'done', soft, feminine with twiddly bits to frame my face and I loved it.

My bridesmaids all had what one of them described as a 'conch' style, a very simple and elegant up do and I'm going to buy them some pearl slides that I've seen on to embellish it.

It's not all been champagne and canapés though. I saw another of my bridesmaids for a drink and she showed me the invitation we had sent her and it was wrong.


Conscious of budget and cutting costs wherever we could we decided in our wisdom to print our own invitations and had some lovely card and a really simple layout designed by my arty brother.

Unfortunately it transpires that my darling brother is not as skilled in proof checking things as he is in creating things and had mixed the template for the day and evening invitations and somehow some had slipped through the net. Out there in the world there are a whole host of invitations asking people to arrive for an evening reception at 7.30pm at… the church. Sigh.

I then had to do a frantic ring round of friends on the list to see who the lucky recipients of these 'limited edition' invitations were and rectify the mistake immediately. So far I have located four. I'm just grateful it wasn't the other way around; imagine having to tell your evening guests who had received a day invitation by mistake that they didn't actually make the cut!

My tip would be to check, check and check again before printing your own invitations - either that or don't trust your dopey brother!

On Sunday we also had our pre-wedding photo shoot and yes it was as cringeworthy as I had expected. It came as part of a package I won months ago with KS Images and when the photographers (a lovely couple called Kevin and Sue) explained the rationale behind it, it did make sense. It's a chance for us to get used to be photographed together and for them to do a bit of a recce of the area.

It was still jaw achingly cringeworthy though, only compounded by the fact that I had a spot the size of a golf ball on my chin and cover-up only made it look worse. I've since seen all the images and they are actually quite good and not as cheesy as I had imagined, though there are a few where you can tell we are both really uncomfortable perched on a lichgate staring into each others' eyes and trying to look natural. We've picked a few decent ones to go into the guest book they are making which should be good.

Apart from all this, I've also managed to tick off quite a few bits and bobs. I had a make-up trial (which turned me into an Oompa Loompa with black eyes - I then took off half the make-up and looked passable), went to Selfridges and bought a hugely inappropriate but fabulous pair of wedding shoes - I can't walk in them, but I figure that my Dad can help me down the aisle and my new hubby can help me back up!

I've been furiously going to the gym in order to get into my dress, which has been hell, and somewhere within all this I managed to fit in a night away on the Isle of Wight where we had a fantastic pub lunch and undid all my hard work at the gym. And so it goes on...

Amy x

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